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The Shop of Unsolved Ancestry

Mixed Media

8' x 10' x 5'


The Shop of Unsolved Ancestry is an interactive pop-up that engages participants to share, receive, and pass on a piece of their identity. "Record a memory from a family elder"; "Mark the landscape you call home"; or "Ask someone near your to define what is valuable". Participants answer these prompts in writing, on a map, or through a recording device. The exhibit expands upon the conversation of exchange. By creating conversation and offering participants a gift in the form of handmade paper, embedded with a seed, the work lives on physically when the seed is planted, and in the mind when the memory sprouts.

How can the seed be a metaphor for knowledge or experience, and how can that become a form of currency?

Working on this project over 6 months, many changes happened. The first concept is completely shifted, and the third rendition is what remains. Throughout this process, I have come to define Ancestry, not by a cultural tradition or genetic difference, but by the oldest rituals we share. By communicating with each other, and engaging in our landscape, are we able to address the blanks in our

ancestral past to reshape our identity in the present?

More Images and Videos to come!

Exhibited at:

The Old Mint in San Francisco

May 18th-21st  2017

for the SFAI Masters of Fine Arts Exhibition

SubZERO Street Faire, San Jose, California

June 2-3, 2017






The Shop of Unsolved Ancestry
The Junction Keep

The Junction Keep


Wood, LED's and Battery

5' x 25' x 1'


In February 2017, artist Laurus Myth debuted The Junction Keep in response to the rising numbers of pedestrian fatalities in San Francisco. She defines an intersection as a place or point where things join, but also as a space of creation and destruction. Approximately two-thirds of all pedestrian deaths occur after dark. Although the SFMTA has implemented many campaigns to promote safety, none of their projects mention the importance of well-lit pedestrian crossings at night.


The Junction Keep is a mobile public sculpture that brings to attention the most deadly intersections in San Francisco. Designed to be mobile, and run off the grid, a portable battery pack powers the LEDs, while the “Junction Keepers” unfold the sculpture. Similar to a cascading fan, it extends as they proceed through the crosswalk. While the artists walk, they spark conversation with other pedestrians and offer an informative brochure with tips for pedestrian safety. By moving across heavily trafficked areas, The Junction Keep aims to raise safety awareness about the dangers of pedestrian crossing zones to walkers, bikers and motorists.


For future locations and dates, follow on Instagram @JunctionKeepers #thejuntctionkeep








The Mobile Wishing Temple

Using found materials, maple ply wood, CNC computer program design, and a team, Stella has recently returned from its second journey to Black Rock Desert. Her purpose is to provide safe passage for people, and their dreams or wishes. Inspired by the Thai “spirit houses”, the belief in shooting stars, and Yoko Ono’s wishing tree, Stella is a mutant vehicle that brings opportunity for wishes, healing and prayer.

This year, I wanted to build a larger project, but realized that I couldn't do it alone as my sciatica has a strong effect on my individual capabilities. With the help of many, this mobile art installation has come to life. 

Onsite, we asked participants to make a wish, write it on the stick, put their name and hometown on the back, then affix it to any part of Stella they choose. This continuing project will collect wishes and dreams for the next year, when we will leave them at the Temple at Burning Man to be granted into soot and ash.

Created in 3 weeks by:
LAuruS Myth, Chase and Laura Fortner, and Dr. Noah Djuric

A special Thank You to all the wonderful people who helped to make this project possible. To Laura, as main assist in the design process, carving, ideation, and labor needed for making these panels, and developing the vision until finish. To Chase for being the driving force in getting the materials together and working on lighting and the build crew. To Noah for your endless support, trust in my good work, and nice hand sanding of wishsticks. To Claire and Adam for picking up brushes and whisping stain in a moments notice. To Garrett, Anna, Osheen, Mike and Adam for stepping up during the build onsite. To Jeremy and Kevin for transporting our gem to and from the desert, and all the good vibes in between.

Fake Sale

The Fake Sale

White Picket Fence, Vodka. Vegan Cherry pie, Pecan Bars, Snickerdoodles, Handmade Bracelets

Duration: 3 hours


Performed: September 2, 2016

A bake sale where all the treats, snacks, and trinkets are given away. At this pop-up installation, we casually pestered people to come closer, and enjoy some moments over sweets.

Our tagline was:

“Fake Sale! Fake Sale!

nothing for sale here… no charity being raised”.

Modular Constellation

Modular Constellation

Plywood, Resin and Wood Tint

4ftx 25ft x 9ft


As spatial solution to a community drift, I created a series of 6 modular tables using sketches created on the computer, to carve a CNC wood mill. Each table had a sponsor who chose what each side of the tables should read. The project established a union across the small community and created a playful space.













Laurus Myth

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