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As an artist and team advocate, I am looking for a position will employ my fabrication

skillset and allow me to work in a creative and collaborative environment.

Professional Experience

2014 - 2017        Artist in Residence Curator, TechShop San Jose & San Francisco, CA


  • Co-founded the Artist in Residence program at TechShop.

  • Oversaw 25 artists and coordinate opening exhibitions and artist-taught workshops.

  • Developed an ongoing schedule of gallery exhibits and produced print media.

  • Implemented timely and on time scheduling of dates and budgets for individual exhibits.

  • Aided in budgeting and artist time management, gallery set up, and exhibit installation.


2013 - 2016        Outreach Marketing Coordinator, TechShop San Jose & San Francisco, CA


  • Co-founded the Outreach Marketing department in San Jose and San Francisco.

  • Recruited, coached and managed over 20 event contractors at both shop locations.

  • Developed and implemented company promotions in print and digital media.

  • Updated customer reports through data entry for new and continuing members.

  • Arranged and organized 150+ venues in local communities, art festivals, and maker faires.

  • Negotiated in-kind trades for booth spaces through cross promotions and public demos.

  • Formulated spreadsheets for staff management, marketing budgets, and event timelines.

  • Represented TechShop at more than 150 events and on two local TV networks.

2012 - 2015        Board of Directors, Santa Cruz Mountains Art Center, Ben Lomond, CA

  • Voluntary Chair Position - participated in monthly meeting minutes, and as gallery docent.

  • Voted and made decisions on programs, spending, money managing, and future events.

  • Drafted social media and public calendar updates for event and class promotions.

  • Coordinated three artists for Open Studios Venue for October 2013.

  • Fundraised and promoted for annual “Cerama-rama” ceramics symposium.


2017        Master of Fine Art, Sculpture — San Francisco Art Institute, California

2014        CNC Milling Machine, Laser Cutting, WoodShop — TechShop San Jose, CA

2014        Associate of Science, Graphic Design — Mission College, California

2009        Bachelor of Fine Art, Painting — University of California, Santa Cruz

Teaching Experience

2017-2018 Garden Multi-Arts and Ecology Teacher, A Living Library San Francisco

  • Taught 3-5 classes daily in the outdoor garden over 200 students weekly

  • Planting projects, ecosystem structures, food production

  • Art projects, Recycle and Upcycle mentality, garden stewardship, and life cycles


2017 WoodShop Instructor, TechShop San Francisco, CA

  • 15 Adult Education students for safety and basic use training

  • Machines include: Band Saw, Table Saw, Belt Sander, Drill Press and Mitre Saw

  • Each student created a wooden shelf to take home


2017 CNC ShopBot Instructor, TechShop San Francisco, CA

  • Adult education on technical computer numeric control machining for Wood and Foam

  • Taught basics of digital design using Adobe Illustrator and VCarve CAD/CAM

  • Three years experience in machine operation feeds and speed calculation and education


2016-2017 Graduate Teaching Assistant, San Francisco Art Institute, CA

  • 15 Fine Arts Graduate Students

  • Led workshops on the fabrication of wood projects, concrete pours, wire rigging, priming surfaces

  • Initiated and facilitated conceptual/functional critique on individual projects.


2016 Workshop Instructor, TechShop San Francisco, CA

  • 60 Middle School Science Teens

  • Led a day-long workshop on Basic Soldering for the Bay Area Science Teens

  • Each student learned the safety tactics in soldering and the full circuit method in LED wiring.


2015-2016 Workshop Instructor, TechShop San Jose, CA

  • Middle/ High School Students - two separate workshops.

  • Taught basics of digital design using Adobe Illustrator, for 2D design

  • Transitioned digital sketches into physical projects on the Laser Cutter.


2010 Garden Mural Project Lead, RCDP Volunteer Program, Chitwan, Nepal

  • 21 Students ages 7-12, two-week project.

  • Taught the importance of hygiene in the homeschool and work environments

  • Initiated the collaborative mural about garden systems and hygiene onsite orphanage in Rampur, Chitwan, Nepal.


2009 Undergraduate Teaching Assistant, University of California Santa Cruz, CA

  • 25 Intro to Painting Students

  • Working under Hanna Hannah, instructed and formulated conversations

  • Exposed students to oil painting techniques, concepts, and in-depth critiques.

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